Tristan Kolkhorst



Tristan Kolkhorst

Director Of Photography


Tristan was instantly drawn to photography and the visual arts as he held his first camera at five years of age. Growing up in the pastoral setting of Northern California, Tristan was motivated to capture distinct moments in time and place. This excitement grew stronger each time he entered the dark room in his family’s garage, watching images emerge from the bath.

By high school he was snapping stills with his Nikkormat SLR camera and shooting short films on a 16mm Bolex, eager to capture the landscapes of California and collect images both sweeping and precise. Attention to detail and light angles were early passions that persist and define his work to this day.

Tristan often worked at ILM from the 90’s to early 2000’s in the VFX camera department, which greatly influenced his mindset toward the creative potential and unlimited palate of visual effects. He is continually moved by the seemingly endless possibilities of imagery that exist when combined with proper tools and inspired craftsmanship.

Since the early 2000’s Tristan has worked in the arena of high speed racing and specialty automotive shoots around the world with dedication and resiliency. These experiences further influence Tristan’s technical approach, honing his ability to move the camera in unique ways and employ cutting edge techniques such as “go motion”, the use of DSLR cameras to create dynamic sequences animated from still frames.

Tristan’s outlook is marked by a globally-minded curiosity, and the pursuit of location driven work that seeks to be impactful, in collaboration with talent from across sectors of the industry and beyond.